You are not what you do for work. You are not who you are fucking. You are not your hobbies, your bank balance or your children. The only person who has to look at yourself in the mirror everyday is you. Now is the time that you drop the bullshit and start defining yourself as character, not type.

At Level UP we have created a process that assists you in doing just that. Based on the professional and personal experiences of Nathan Masters, Level UP cuts through the noise and provides a reality check to help you better understand yourself and what you truly want out of life.

We believe that people often ignore the pursuit of sustainable happiness due to fear of social expectation and lifestyle obligations. To find what defines your personal happiness, you first have to understand who you are. Through facilitated discussions and pushing you outside of your comfort zone, we will make that happen.

Our approach is direct and to the point for a reason. We do not want to be another band-aid solution and truly care about helping people move forward in personal development, rather than feel as if they are permanently stuck in a rut.