Think about the most inspirational and feared people in history. Steve Jobs, Ghandi, Genghis Khan and the puppies in the picture above all had something in common. They held an unshakable conviction their path in whatever field they pursued was correct. These men inspired and led others, for good or bad, in a way that impacted our world drastically.

So why is such conviction important? Well let’s take it down to a relatable scale. As a man, if you are active in dating or are in an existing relationship there is one thing that is obvious. Women like a man that is self-assured without being arrogant and motivated in achieving something with their life. It doesn’t have to be anything grand, but for the most part male attractiveness and life conviction is inextricably linked. One of the biggest complaints women have with men is that they come across as ineffectual.

It is important to understand that this does not mean making yourself an ‘alfa-bro’ type, because typically these types of men turn out to be fuckwits when it comes to any non-superficial relationship. It is just as important to develop a strong awareness of arrogance versus strong convictions. No-one likes an arrogant twat, but people can admire someone with strong convictions even if they are misguided.

So how does one develop these unshakeable convictions about themselves? Firstly, they strongly understand who they are as a person. They acknowledge their weaknesses and leverage their strengths. They constantly try to self-improve and understand how to relate to others. Yes, Hitler was a psychopathic arsehole, but he was very relatable to the average German in the early years of his political campaign.

Secondly, have a clear picture of what you want in life. It is extremely important that this step comes second. Many people put the cart before the horse and do not know themselves before they gun for what they think they want, myself included. I was married young, jumped into a career young and didn’t realise until almost a decade later that young me was misguided.

In all honesty, the first two steps take quite some time to achieve. I feel that a lot of people are unable to fully understand themselves until at earliest their late 20s to early 30s. It may take more time than society allows to get to step three which is developing a clear action plan. Taking an assessed approach based on the analysis conducted in the first two steps is how you develop this plan. That is not to say some of your decisions can’t be impulsive, nor does it mean that you have to set deadlines. What is does mean is if you clearly understand what you want, know the framework on how you will achieve that and try not to compromise the plan.

Why is this important? Many people seem lost in life. They make continual poor decisions regarding the most important aspects of life and never take the opportunity to develop the ability to work out and comprehend what is truly right for their life. Even if they do work it out, they are almost always willing to compromise on those things because they don’t develop the ability to have unshakeable convictions in how their life should be. Relationships or work are the most likely thing to derail your plan, so you need to find the right path and stay true.

Any other result will lead to long term dissatisfaction with life and can never end in true sustainable happiness. Which is really the ultimate point to life until people much smarter than me work out the real meaning for us being here.

If you have taken these steps, you will have that unshakable conviction that you are making the most out of your life for you, rather than what others expect you to do. This has the by-product of being attractive and interesting to those around you which is always a plus.